Rutherford International Executive Registry:
In our Executive Search Service, we focus our resources on a single goal: locating that exceptionally well-qualified executive who can make a significant long-term contribution to our clients executive team. Link Here.

Real Estate Registry:
The Real Estate division utilizes online search engines, data bases and social networks to recruit and notify candidates of client need. Investment, real property, infrastructure and resort development professionals (including construction) should register in our international real estate data base; and join Rutherford’s social network on LinkedIn.

Private Equity Partner Identification:
We match private equity firms that invest in or acquire businesses with EBITDA ranging from $2MM to $50MM with talented operating executives. Operating executives must have a verifiable track record of success with P&L responsibility as CEO, COO, President or General Manager of a company or division with revenues of at least $25M. Executives who have only served in a CFO role do not qualify.Email Introduction Here

Non-Search Corporate Services:

Corporate Restructuring& Financial Workout
We are interested in “restructuring/turnaround” and “financial workout” senior managers, professionals and executives that are capable of adapting to a variety of business environments. Candidates must have excellent operational expertise and a highly developed relationship building skill set with a diversity of people. To register for this program, please submit a detailed resume. –Submit Resume..
A sub-department of this group includes advising clients on market development strategies; including the reconfiguring of sales departments and distribution channels. Experienced manufacturing/distribution sales and marketing professionals should submit their resume directly to our restructuring group.

Interim Executive Service
is an innovative staffing alternative, which provides organizations a means for satisfying immediate short term staffing requirements. Clients are able to access the expertise of executives, professionals and senior managers on an interim basis for projects with specific time horizons or “full-time part-time” requirements.

OurStrategic HR Advisory Group
is a collaborative network, which consults with small to medium size companies undergoing rapid change, and require theservices of a senior human resource professional to provide strategic and operational advice to board and managemen committees on a full part-time basis. Our perception of this role, is not one of being a consultant whereby you extend advice for a specific fee, but rather of a part-time member of the executive committee taking an active role in enhancing shareholder value.Applicants to this network should apply through the following link. Link Here.

Advertising Selection and Supplier Management Services
We offer clients two web-enabled options to find employees without engaging us in a comprehensive search. An employer may advertise and have our consultantsreview and process the ad response; or engage our Supplier Management Service, whereby we function as an out-sourced candidate assessment department managing your recruitment process. To review your recruitment alternativesLink Here.