Hybrid Workers Should Avoid Silos

How many headhunters have you met that don’t have the professional confidence to recommend a square peg for a round hole or challenge a client’s request for ten years of experience when a highly qualified prospect with five years of progressive experience is worthy of consideration? The majority, I imagine!

Hybrid workers need to avoid getting trapped in organizational silos.

In a pre-COVID world, most companies would typically resource roles using a ‘push’ allocation model based on personal connections and transactions between bosses and employees or small groups. In a hierarchical structure, where the silo rather than the organization often owns the staff, managers would find it challenging to know the best person for an available position among their company’s talented workers. A continuance of this push strategy in a hybrid workforce environment will compound the problem, increasing employee churn and disengagement.

The trouble is that too many companies pay too little attention to effectively allocating their internal talent resources. This lack of awareness will be even more evident in a post-COVID workforce.

NEXTalent’s Talent Agency doesn’t believe in round pegs. Our analytics will tell you your career options and how you can maximize your visibility and career mobility by pursuing work experiences that help feed and develop your potential.

Know Your Career Options

The career development of a NEXTalent Agency registrant is essential to us. If we think you are in a dead-ended job working as a sinecured captive to a direct report more interested in hitting their departmental target than ensuring you are fulfilling your capabilities within your organization, we’ll tell you.

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