Rutherford International is more than an executive search firm; In fact, the organization has got the efficiency to serve the entire industry of real estate comprising various small and large organizations with respect to their needs. One of our service areas is to provide them with the right, talented executives at times to gradually move towards attaining their ultimate business goals respectively.

When it comes to providing talented people to the organizations in the native industry just because we owe them the guidance/assistance to eventually bring home the bacon, it is not any easier for us even. In fact, the job involves a critical degree of objectivity associated with the corporate objective, which then again comprises acquisition, potential merger, and divestiture strategies. To deal with all such matters in a confidential manner, we incorporate a professional network of CRO/CTO (i.e. Chief Restructuring Officer/Chief Turnaround Officer). The team is efficient enough to manage all such assignments with ease.

In spite of various market risks and their corresponding issues of different natures, the process goes on in a straight line. Rutherford International does not leave any loose point, aiming at serving the industry in an acceptable and ever desired manner. Our clients speak of our work more than we do.