Executive Search & Competitive Intelligence

Comparable Methods

The methods applied in effective executive search differs little to the gathering of competitive intel. Both requiring the defining, gathering of information through resources, analyzing, and distributing intelligence needed to support executives and managers in strategic decision making for an organization.

Distributive Research Networks

Our Recruitment and CI Researchers do not operate from a centralized office on a single floor plate with a nameless workstation. They’re more likely sitting on a dock by their favourite lake, a café in Paris, in the library at Oxford University’s or a condo in Singapore. The location has nothing to do with their success in this role, but rather excellence is a function of investigative curiosity, a lateral perspective in network analysis, segmentation and management of information sources, and a high external awareness for economic trends. Members of our research and referral network receive in project fees and referral bonuses.

Client Benefits

By targeting the client’s competitors, our research team can map the organizational structure and deployment of key human resources. The granularity of our bespoke research supports client strategy when entering a new sector, expand a market, or strengthen an existing team and/or department. Our research can also be used for the assessment of talent prior to an acquisition, merger or co-venture.
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