Part II: Targeting High Performers – Avoiding Confirmation Bias

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The following is the second of a three part series detailing some simple steps one can take to identifying high performing executives and staff; along with improving the outcome of your hiring.

Part II: Targeting High Performers –  Avoiding Confirmation Bias

It’s been suggested by pundits that the talent acquisition and employment interview process is an exercise in mitigating hiring risk.  Some argue that the odds of success are no different than playing craps in a casino. While this view might be considered as a little cynical, studies have determined that the average CEO’s tenure is a mere four years, with his or her lieutenants not remaining unscathed either.  In fact, 40% of all senior hires fail within 18 months. So perhaps the cynicism is well placed.

Taken in this context, clearly the hard and soft cost of hiring and/or firing (regardless of tenure) has become inordinately expensive to the firm’s bottom-line; and would (or should) directly impact the hiring manager’s annual performance bonus.

How does one improve the odds for a successful hire?

Reality Test Your Interview Biases

“We have chemistry” “Let’s spitball this” “Seems like a fit” “I have a gut feeling” “I knew in 30 seconds” “I’ll know the right person when I see them.” “So tell me about your life” …. so I can glean enough information to support my pre-determined opinion.

We have all heard the above phrases in and around the interview process….and unfortunately, the reliance on chemistry and gut has contributed a great deal with dismal results. The root problem is confirmation bias. 

In other words, regardless of the decision to be made, individuals are two times more likely to focus on specific information about a candidate that supports their opinion, while actively filtering out information that does not confirm their opinion.

Case studies used so frequently in management schools are designed to foster critical thinking and creative solutions to previously existing reality-based scenarios. You’ll achieve better hiring results if you frame a real life situation into the interview assessment. It’s a simple process. Take a critical decision your company arrived at within the last five years, then provide the candidate with the relevant details. Ask them to deliberate on the problem and offer a solution. Give a sufficient amount of time for them to respond with a reasoned answer.

I had a Chief Investment Officer client ask three VP Acquisition candidates to analyze two commercial assets he was contemplating to acquire. Not only was he getting some very effective acquisition analysis for free, he was also learning how the prospective colleague went about analyzing and responding to the scenario.

As a result of his association with the client, the successful candidate went on to become a senior acquisition executive acquiring trophy office assets throughout the Eastern Sea Board of the United States; the runner-up became the Real Estate Country Head for active off-shore bank. The third candidate – who resented the exercise – has over the years, managed to achieve some success but much less than than the first two who enthusiastically rose to the task at hand. The first two candidates understood the client’s effort to mitigate the potential for “confirmation bias” by reality testing his assumptions.

A simple method to improve the outcome of a hire is to guard against confirmation bias by reality testing your assumptions about how the candidate thinks and approaches problems. Real-world scenario based questioning can uncover more accurate and revealing information about a candidate than abstract or generic interview questions for which candidates may have stock answers ready-made.

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