Finding Executive & Specialized Talent

We limit our executive and specialized search activities to positions with strategic implications and where the talent required has a selection ratio of 13:1000. For us, search is bespoke and a serious affair, and it is an exercise in intelligence gathering, relationship management, behavioural analysis and data analytics. We augment our corporate data mining with a network of international researchers and referral ambassadors operating across three continents. This approach allows for a global perspective while leveraging nodes of local knowledge.

International Researchers & Referral Ambassadors

Core to our competency for identifying and attracting superior talent is our analytical rigour. Our assignment managers know what they’re looking for which allows referral sources to share their network with confidence and for a prospect to be open about their career aspirations.

Our performance assessment tool is complex and limited to less than one hundred certified practitioners worldwide. At 85%, its predictive accuracy exceeds similar tests by more than 30%. Many Global 2000 firms consider our science-based methods for predicting a candidate’s potential to perform as world-class.

High Performers Need a Reason to Change

We take a genuine interest in helping talented prospects achieve their potential. We’re not in the business of half measures when it comes to ensuring a successful match for both parties. Where feasible, when we find an executive who benchmarks within our 13:1000 ratio, we will act in a market-making capacity through our Talent Agency and quietly promote them to a targeted list of employers and PE firms.

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