The term HR is an acronym for Human Resources, and specifically, is a group of individuals who are responsible for providing the particular organization, economy, or a business sector with the workforce required to keep the firm moving on its way to eventually bring home the bacon. Some like terms, including human capital, manpower, talent acquisition, etc. are also used less frequently.

Rutherford International leads the global market that provides the executive search facility to various clients in the industry of real estate. The organization has a strong and well-versed team of business professionals, analyzing native market periodically and gathering requirements from several clients of variable sizes (in terms of manpower), which eventually appears as the area that requires human capital services. Implementing the authentic and efficient human resources policies, thereby taking an account of essentialities of our individual clients, we responsibly serve them with their set of specific requirements.

We examine the eligible candidates we meet on an individual basis with respect to skills they hold and their corresponding desired skills, based on clients’ requirements. This gives us an immense pleasure and future opportunities too, being the market lead.