Just-In-Time Project Management

As global and national markets become more dynamic and competitive, real property, construction and investment companies have recognized the importance of flexible deployment of talent resources across broad geography to quickly execute on value-creating initiatives. Infrastructure and buildings are two areas of historic underspending that may create significant additional labour demand if action is taken to bridge infrastructure gaps and overcome housing shortages.

“We are seeing an increase in freelance work at the top end, where individuals have the competences, confidence and demand in the marketplace to give them as much work as they want and when they want it,” says Alan Macklin, deputy chairman of the Association for Project Managers.

Viewed as too costly and inefficient to have such expertise sitting underutilized on the corporate bench, Project Managers, particularly as owner representatives, are becoming hired guns. For this reason, NEXTalent represents world-class project management expertise capable of the most demanding and complex jobs. This ‘just-in-time’ Project Manager approach means companies can plan the total project cycle.