Human Capital Consulting

Our Human Capital consulting team is comprised of senior human resource professionals’ who are expert in advising small to medium size companies undergoing rapid change. As embedded interim executives, they mentor in-house intermediate human resource professionals while providing strategic and operational advice to both executive and board steering committees.

Succession Planning: We understand what it takes to steer effective succession planning within a transitioning industry by means of external hiring and internal promotion that accounts for the unique combination of high performing behaviors needed for critical functions. Read More

Retaining Generational Knowledge: Even in an approaching “Internet World of Everything” with machine learning, connectivity, data mining and dynamic pricing,  companies need to find ways to retain their generational institutional knowledge. Read More

Organizational Mapping: Understanding and mapping your competitions organizational structure and deployment of key human resources is a competitive advantage. Read More

Performance Benchmarking: Our methods reliably determine who has the behavioral profile to function at an elite level of performance in over 3000 specific functions spanning all levels of the corporate and public service hierarchy. Read More

On-boarding & Transition Coaching: Many competent executives, managers and professionals have failed more than once in their career, by not understanding the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of the management team they inherited. Our approach to identifying high performers is based on 30 years of actuarial based scientific study and is 85% accurate in its prediction. Read More

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): While tactical activities have been outsourced for quite some time, companies have begun to evaluate options to outsource the management of core category spend. This is especially true for talent acquisition. Our NEXTalent Inc. division is able to reduce your external spend by 60% while ensuring qualitative hires. Read More

Our Network of Human Resource Professionals

Our network of HR professionals is comprised of senior professionals’ expert in advising small to large size companies on a variety of tactical and strategic planning initiatives. The team consultant may be retained for a specific assignment or embedded as an interim executives, providing mentoring to in-house human resource professionals while providing strategic and operational advice to both executive and board steering committees.

Join Our HR Network

We are interested in human resource professionals and executives that are capable of adapting to a variety of business environments. Candidates must have excellent operational expertise and a highly developed skill at managing a diversity of internal and external agendas. Only candidates that score near to high performing in our behavioral benchmark for Human Resource Executive and/or HR Consultant will be considered for an interview. Submit your resume here